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The Final Countdown

Packing is nearly complete for Pennsic and loading will be done tonight so I can leave directly after work tomorrow… The next day is going to go SO SLOW.

As a follow up to my last post about prep tips, I found that having all of my garb in one place was a huge time saver in packing.  I could quickly dig through and find what I needed instead of having to tear up the whole place looking for certain things – I wish I had done this sooner!

Most of the items on my list are checked off and staged.  While I didn’t get as much garb repaired and made as I would have liked, I still have plenty to get me through the next couple weeks with no more than one trip for laundry.  The lists have been a huge help – most of the big stuff is staged and ready to go.  All of the small things that can be packed, are.

I am surprisingly not too stressed.  Now if 5PM tomorrow could just hurry up and get here I’d be ecstatic. 🙂

Pennsic Prep Panic!

I set this blog up a while back and haven’t made myself use it.  With less than three weeks until the beginning of Pennsic, I feel this is a good time to start.  The month prior is a good time to take stock of what you have, purge what you haven’t used since last year, hone your packing and list making skills, and remember all those projects that that were planned to do before next Pennsic…  and did not get done.  I’m going to go through my prep process, and hopefully you can find some tips to help make your prep easier as well.

I am a list maker, I use them for everything.  I have generic lists for what to take to single day events, weekend events, and week+ events.  I also create a specific list for each event for anything I need that is unique to the event (do I have to take something for someone, am I teaching a class that requires handouts or materials…).  This practice has made event prep much more simple for myself.  Recently, Baroness Verena Entenwirth introduced me to Google Keep, an awesome list making app – it has made this practice even quicker and cleaner.  If you are a list person, or want to see of they work for you, definitely check it out.

Every year, I see peoples’ wonderful camp setups and am inspired.  I had goals for this Pennsic that, due to real life, just weren’t met.  However this next year should be much less hectic for me and I plan on making a list and keeping to it.  This post, in addition to sharing my prep startegy, will be a means of accountability for myself to do all these things.  By next Pennsic, I will make:

  • Oseberg style bed
  • Matching shelf unit to go with bed
  • Trestle table

Additionally, storage is important!  Keeping things that go to every event, together in a specific place – and be disciplined about putting them back – makes prep less stressful.  I also try to keep items of different uses in groups.  I have an A&S corner, my garb is in one closet (ok, it may overflow a bit), my camping stuff is in another area.  That way when I go for something, I know where to look and don’t spend so much time searching.  When I am disciplined about putting things where they go, this is a big time saver, and I’m actually getting pretty good at it.

Purging is important.  As you pack, notice what you have on hand.  Is there garb that you probably won’t wear again?  Materials you won’t use?  If so, think about donating or selling these items; not only will this declutter, you’ll have room for all the fun new stuff you’ll acquire by this time next year!  I recently moved and it was a great opportunity to declutter, yet I’ve still found myself doing more as I prepare for Pennsic – its a good feeling.

Do you have any tips that would help in the packing and planning process?

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