Let’s Try This Again…

Well, I obviously haven’t posted in a while and now that we’re getting settled into the new place I’m going to try this again.

The last few months have been a whirlwind.  Pennsic has come and gone, my divorce was finalized, we had another wonderful Mounted War Games, my time as Middle Kingdom Equestrian Champion has ended, we experienced a tragic loss at Horses and Hounds that affected countless scadians, my birthday passed, I squatted with friends for a month, and bought a new farm…  So, just a few things – its been a bit rough.

However, I am now moved into the new farm and have four wonderful roommates who are all SCAdians.  We are busy fixing up the living quarters and the areas for the animals and haven’t had time to spend on the SCA, but are beginning to make time for it again.


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